Retaining Walls

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I’m well known for tree service…

…but we’ve just finished our 100th inexpensive retaining wall!

The trick to setting a good wall is to have a perfect base. Most of the labor goes into my base. Setting the block is easy.

Cheap Corliss blocks are almost impossible to keep straight and level. They are made with aggregate from the concrete trucks, and the molds very from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. They are also very brittle. Corliss sells on first come, first served basis and you are never sure if you can complete the project.
As of yesterday our supplier sold out, and I had to get blocks that were left over from other projects at my shop. I’m going to be calling other suppliers to see about next cheapest material.
If you have deeper pockets much better looking and quality blocks are readily available.