Mole Barrier Installation

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Why should I install mole barriers?

If your lawn and garden is being damaged by mole activity and you want to prevent moles from continuing to tunnel through your yard, a mole barrier is an important part of the solution. You can trap moles in your yard, but unless you prevent more moles from tunneling in, you’ll never get rid of them all. Mole barriers prevent moles from entering your yard in the first place.

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How do mole barriers work?

Mole barriers are a rubber or wire barrier installed vertically at your property line. They extend 30-36 inches below the ground, which prevents moles from tunneling into your yard. Once the barrier is installed and you clear the existing moles from your property, you won’t have any more problems with unsightly mole damage to your lawn or gardens!

How are mole barriers installed?

The vertical mole barriers are placed in a trench dug around the perimeter of the area you wish to protect from mole damage. The rubber or wire mole barrier is placed vertically in the trench, to a depth of 30-36 inches, extending a few inches above ground. The trench is backfilled, and the job is done! Mole barrier installation is a relatively non-disruptive process that can be completed quickly.

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